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UPDATED: Lost Ark Wrath of the Covetous Legion Gets Extended Downtime to Resolve 'Critical Issue'

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UPDATE: The update is now live in all regions after a slightly extended delay affecting Europe-West .The latest Lost Ark update, Wrath of the Covetous Legion, encountered some issues that has extended downtime. The team has extended downtime twice due to several issues, including what they are calling "a critical issue" that they are still working to fix at this time.

The update is a major one, bringing both the second Legion Raid, Vykas, and a new Guardian Raid, Kungelanium.

This update had already been delayed once to make some changes after community feedback, and once this morning. The “critical issue” was the reason for an additional delay, though the team is still estimating that things should be fixed soon. 

According to CM Sandovall:

“Our team discovered a critical issue and we’re working to fix it. In order to do so we need to further extend the maintenance. We expect the servers to be back at 8 AM PST / 5 PM CEST but we’ll keep you updated.”

This estimate, if it holds, will put the game back up and running soon, unless they need to push things back any further. Lost Ark has seen some delays with updates and extended maintenance downtime before, so it is possible that when the game is live again, there may be some kind of compensation plans.

When it is back up you’ll be able to get in and tackle some of the new, more challenging bosses, like making your way to Vykas by defeating her underlings. This new Legion Raid not only adds another high-level boss challenge to win, but because it’s another Legion Raid, it changes crafting by adding ingredients. Now, you’ll need ingredient drops from both Legion raids in order to craft full gear sets that will keep you up to date. This Legion Raid also features three gates, or checkpoints, each both saving your progress and granting better and better loot as you go on.

For more, see the updates over at Lost Ark.


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