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UPDATED: Lost Ark Launch is On, Amazon Fixes Deployment Issues and Opens the Game's Servers

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 Lost Ark seems ready to be found. Amazon has just updated with the news that the deployment issues that halted the original launch scheduled for 9:00 AM PT have been resolved.

Those who have the game pre-loaded should be able to start attempting to log in after 2:15 PM PT / 10:15 PM UTC. Others may see a download go out over Steam. To help make up for the delays today, there will be a little gift for all players that log in from launch through 9:00 AM PT on Monday, February 13th. All will get three days of Crystalline Aura. 

Now that the issues have been addressed, it’s time to see how the servers hold up, though the addition of 15 new servers across the game’s regions should help with the demand. A delay of about five hours is not completely out of the ordinary, as some games have seen extensive outages or delays when it comes to either launching in new regions or under new publishing agreements. Lost Ark belongs to both of these categories. Recently, when Kakao Games took over the publishing rights to the ArcheAge franchise, they had to delay the opening and the later, to delay most of the Fresh Start servers until further notice. They are still not fully opened yet.

The delay may have been the right call, since it allowed the team to work on the issues before any players were affected should things had launched as planned. There’s admittedly some goodwill to be won here, given that this is a chance for Amazon to show its hand as a publisher bolstering another dev team’s game. 

If you’re looking to join in and play Lost Ark now that the free to play launch is here, you can find all the info you need over at the official launch update.UPDATE: Following reports of missing characters, Amazon has taken the servers down to investigate and address this issue. 


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