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Updated Guild Wars 2 Roadmap Details ArenaNet's Plans For the Rest of 2022

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Guild Wars 2 has an updated roadmap covering the rest of 2022. There will be two planned major profession balance updates, events, the final Living World Season 1 episode, and more.

Tomorrow, October 4th, is the next major balance update for professions. The team recently shared complete intentions on what they're looking to change and welcomed community feedback after previous updates admittedly did not come with proper communication. The community has had several weeks to weigh in, and tomorrow the update will be  going live and there will be complete final notes available.

The sixth beta for the WvW Restructuring will take place  starting October 14th and ending on October 21st. This beta will feature some new WvW War Machine weapon skins, available once you complete an achievement. Also in this beta will be the Call of War special event. These beta events will let you earn increased WvW rewards, including double XP. 

On November 8th, the fifth and final episode of Living World Season 1, “Battle for Lion's Arch” will return. Expect a new Strike Mission, Old Lion’s Court, and the Challenge mode version on November 29th.

Also coming November 29th is the next profession balance update. While tomorrow's update focuses on competitive modes, the team wants to use future profession balance updates to include all game modes. This will still get the same communication transparency ArenaNet has promised, with full notes scheduled to be posted for feedback a few weeks before the update.

Tomorrow, the End of Dragons Elder Dragons-inspired weapon skins continue rolling out, with Jormag legendary skin variants coming, and Primordus variants coming November 29th.

Of course, it wouldn't be fall and winter without events. Expect the Shadow of the Mad King event to return on October 18th with new rewards, including new weapons and decorations. Wintersday will also be back from December 13th to January 3rd. This will also come with some new content.

ArenaNet also details their participation in the upcoming Extra Life charity stream on November 4th.

For the complete roadmap update, head over to Guild Wars 2. 


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