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Updated Fractured Online Site Adds New info Page on Races, Sub-Races, and Planets

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Fractured Online has gotten a website makeover and relaunch, with the new site also adding some new sections on the game, systems, its three main races, as well as planets. 

The website looks fresh, but it also has important information. If you click on the game section at the top you can choose the Races & Planets page, as well as info on the game's major systems like Knowledge and skills. From there, you can click on each banner to learn more about Humans and Wildfolk (and eventually, Demons). 

With each choice,  beginning from the race you choose, your choices will shape your journey. For now, during the beta, the only playable race has been Humans, although Wildfolk are set to be added with the next upcoming major content update. Demons will arrive in the fall, ahead of a planned winter final launch.

Humans don't have sub-races, and they don't have particular advantages or disadvantages. So humans are perhaps the most malleable choice. The intro on the page says "No human is born good or bad. Make your choice to uphold the law or break the established order". The game's alignment system does hold this up.

If you choose to learn about other races, you will also see choices of sub-races, different groups that belong to the overall race that have their own characteristics. For example, the naturally peaceful Wildfolk includes the large and slow Nheedra (Bear-kin), to the friendly, human-sized Udoadra (Wolf-kin), known for their social nature, group strategy, and taming skills. Each sub-race also has a primal form that gives them access to certain additional advantages and abilities. 

Demons are, well, still left out of the detailed descriptions, but they’ll undoubtedly be included soon. Previous info about the Demons released details their various sub-races, and their ease of wanting to cause destruction and chaos. 

It may be possible (and surely some players are planning these kinds of challenges) to create a friendly, good aligned Demon or a warlike member of the Wildfolk, but their basic natures stand apart.

For more, head over to the newly relaunched Fractured Online site.


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