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UPDATED: Dungeons and Dragons Online Downtime Extends to Second Day

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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UPDATE: Standing Stone Games has opened up the servers with a fix and rollback.

The Dungeons & Dragons Online servers are still down following a major issue with Reincarnation Caches and lost items following yesterday's patch. Standing Stone Games has worked on the issue and is optimistic about opening the servers back up and running today.

The issue that is causing the long downtime had to do with Reincarnation Caches, which were causing players to have items go missing after they tried to remove them. As soon as the issue started happening and spreading around, the community was warning others before the devs decided to warn players and bring down the servers to work on the issue. 

They initially brought the servers down nearly 24 hours ago in order to investigate what was going on and they warned that players should not interact with Reincarnation Cache until further notice. Then they brought the servers down. The downtime lasted for a while, and the team kept extending it to keep up their work. While they intended to try and get the game servers back last night, it didn't happen.

Standing Stone Games faced a similar situation back in April when The Lord of the Rings Online needed to be taken down for almost a day of downtime to fix an issue after a patch. Downtime kept getting extended, until finally they resolved the issue at the time, which had to do with Rune-keeper satchels, with a server rollback. 

While the team is optimistic about getting things up and running today, there's no word as to whether there will be a similar rollback happening for Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Their initial estimate this morning was  to get the server's back up sometime in the morning Eastern time, but as of this writing it's past noon and there still hasn't been another update yet.

For more on the situation and updates, head over to Dungeons & Dragons Online. 


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