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UPDATED: Dragonflight is Live in World of Warcraft

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Dragonflight is now live for World of Warcraft. The latest expansion is here, and ready for all who are ready to enter the Dragon Isles and learn to take flight, investigate some of the history and lore, and explore the new and overhauled progression systems.

While the Dragonflight pre-patch period was in effect for the last several weeks, implementing the first tastes of the new talent trees and specialization systems, crafting changes, and the first UI and HUD overhauls since launch, now everything has been unlocked. With the arrival of the expansion, it might be a little time before you’ve seen it all, but Blizzard has not only released the full expansion soundtrack to streaming (including  on YouTube), but opened the gates while holding off just a few things until the weekly reset has gone into effect. This was done so people didn’t feel like they had to rush anything.

Now that the content is fully live, it marks the arrival of the next chapter in World of Warcraft, bringing new zones, and of course, the race/class hybrid Dracthyr Evoker into the mix. Some are marking the occasion as meaning that new adventures are ahead, while some are sharing the very intensely personal reasons why the release of Dragonflight is so meaningful for them.

One community member, with the Twitter username halyonix, shared how her brother died four years ago today, and had used the name Ebonhorn on the Warcraft community, buying the game when Legion was out after hearing of ‘his’ name as one of the NPCs. “So as Dragonflight begins, with Ebonhorn ushering us into it, I cannot help but think about Cade, who would have loved to see "his" NPC so front and center,” halyonix said.

Everyone can now experience Dragonflight for themselves (well, if they’ve met level requirements), but the new chapter is here.

UPDATE: As of 6:47 PM ET, BlizzardCS is reporting login issues:

UPDATE #2 7:45 ET: Dragonflight players have been braving the queue to hop in and check out the latest expansion, but are being met with another boss early on in their journey to the Dragon Isles: Their rides there.

Alliance players can hop on a boat, while Horde players are catching a zeppelin to the Dragon Isles, but if reports on Twitter and Reddit are to be believed, it's not that simple either. 

Going from your faction's main city to the Dragon Isles should be as easy as catching a ride, but in doing so you might find yourself booted from the MMO, and then caught back up in the queues and slowed login attempts. Players on shore can instead grab a portal and jump to The Waking Shores, but even then players have reported being disconnected. 

This hasn't stopped hordes of players from filing in to wait on the boat or zeppelin to take them to The Waking Shores, though.


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