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UPDATED! City of Heroes Private Server Shut Down & 'On a Direct Course for Legal Action'

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This is a story in progress so keep tuned to the same bat time and the same bat channel. Grateful thanks to Asm0deus for posting the Discord updates in the current thread.

Update #1: From Asm0deus: Innocuous/Glory to ArachnosToday at 4:42 PM Things may not be as nuclearly fucked as I was lead to be presented with. Please hold tight. I am not posting a GFM, it may not be needed.

Update #2: From Asm0deus:

"Innocuous/Glory to ArachnosToday at 5:08 PM

We are drafting a general update. Questions I can answer right now: 1.) We do not currently have the server binaries right now. We do not physically have them. 2. We are not giving up, every single one of us is looking at the outcomes and directions to go to. 3. Hope is not lost. Seriously. Coderbus, calm down. People in the community, calm down. We are working to figure out a solution as well as get some spatial awareness on what is going on. 4. The previous plan of forming an LLC may not need to be formed. So, once again, please calm down. This is a panic spiral and we are trying to collect ourselves."

Update #3: From Asm0deus: "There is going to be some positive news soon. Wait for me to write a coherent statement.

Update #4: As of now, we are running on the assumption that there is no DMCA. We have a drive that we are currently verifying on if it's the server binaries. As it stands, it has everything. There has been some fuckups that lead to mass server panic, and an emergency administration and codemod meeting has been called.

We may very well be able to salvage this situation before the next sunset. No promises. Do not hold this against me. We have a gameplan. It depends on verifying this code right now. Once it is achieved, we are pushing to get a server back up immediately. The original goal of the server has been to get a stable i24 for distribution and by the Well of the Furies we will get it. This chaos was unprofessional on my part (partly from my inexperience), and triggers were being pulled before we even had the horses at the races.

Original Story: 

The City of Heroes private server that cropped up late last week after the source code for the "secret CoH" server was publicly released has been shut down. In a note copied to the CoH Reddit, the team behind the server said that it had "to be shut down indefinitely" and that the team is "on a direct course for legal action". As a result, the site and server are gone "to protect the people involved in this project, their families, and their futures".

The note goes on to say that the "work on this project is not finished" and that they will "continue to work towards the revival of City of Heroes with all efforts we can make".

At this time, there is no definite plan when servers may be back up, if ever.

"We have some bad news, folks. This server, as of right now, has to be shut down indefinitely. We are on a direct course for legal action. As such, steps must be taken in order to protect the people involved in this project, their families, and their futures. As with all of you, we are heartbroken. We wanted to see our City return, but to do so at the destruction of the lives of those involved is too great a risk to take. However, this project is not finished. We will continue to work towards the revival of City of Heroes with all efforts that we can make. We cannot give you all a time frame at this time. We are in discussions to do what we can to revive some form of the server, however we do not wish to commit to a point in the future that we may not be able to reach. You have trusted us to this point. We ask you to extend that trust, and we will in turn do everything within our power to prove to you that we are deserving of it. To everyone who has donated time, blood, sweat and tears, and logged in to prove that this game still wishes to live - we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. This first step could not have been taken without you, and it is you, the most dedicated fanbase in the world, that will keep us moving forward. Just remember we did the impossible this weekend. We will see you all in Paragon City again. City of Heroes does not die today." From the Discord.

Read more on the City of Heroes Reddit.


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