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UPDATED: Blizzard Holds Long Downtime To Continue Addressing Overwatch 2 Issues, As Kiriko Short Film Debuts

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Blizzard is still working on getting Overwatch 2 up and running for players. While the game is up, there are still long queues and a number of significant known issues. This comes as Overwatch 2 has a new animated short film featuring new support hero Kiriko debuting during TwitchCon’s opening ceremony today.

Yesterday, following previous announcements on status and issues excluding some from using SMS Protect, the team held two periods of downtime in order to address login issues and queues. They have addressed some of the items, to ease the pressure on the database and capacity, but all of the issues are linked, from server crashes to stability issues to the long queues. The player database gets overloaded, making some players lose their queue spot and others getting locked out.

There's also a major issue that has been coming up in the community with account merges and a ton of disappearing items. This isn't limited to items because many players are also finding that the Heroes that they should have are completely gone and they are currently locked on their accounts. Blizzard says that this is linked to the new first time user experience where it is being applied to existing players by mistake. Sometimes logging out and logging back in might resolve the issue, but with login troubles and  long queues, this isn't exactly an easy option to keep trying. The team is working on a permanent fix here too.

The timing of the new Kiriko short film at the TwitchCon opening ceremony was obviously targeted to what Blizzard hoped would be a more stable launch. Anyone who has played online games knows that launches can have significant issues. Players return over and over because it’s eventually fixed. Most of the time.

Blizzard continues to work to address the Overwatch 2 queues, and the missing items and heroes glitches. The latest updates will continue to be shared here.


Overwatch 2 will be taken down again this evening for fixes. Blizzard’s update for today notes that they have implemented the SMS Protect exclusion for many players. They have yesterday’s maintenance “resulted in a quadrupling of our capacity and an eventual reduction in login queues overnight”. They’ll continue work on the various issues and keep an eye on things during the busy weekend period.


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