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Updated - Black Desert Community in an Uproar Over Shadow Arena Hackers & False Bans

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Updated with comments from MMORPG.com users

Keep in mind that these comments are from the perspectives of writers currently playing BDO and who are invested in the game's community.

Just letting you know they tried to correct it by a second band wave hot on the heels of the first mess...and banned a whole bunch of new people who shouldn’t have been while leaving several of the incorrectly banned accounts still in the lurch.

The paid employees aren’t engaging with the community beyond the two “official” updates and instead volunteer moderators and ambassadors are starting to snipe at the player base in forum threads.

They also seem to be deliberately (or not) suggesting people don’t have the right to any follow up if they are banned because of the ToS. While the forums aren’t the place to debate consumer laws it seems to be a deliberate misdirection to tell players “too bad we can do what we want”

There are STILL innocent players banned, we have reached out to Kakao numerous times with tickets and they are not responding and when they do it's just copy paste trash and no one is actually reviewing the tickets. The small amount of players they "unbanned" and apologized for, isn't -everyone- reaching out to media outlets is all that we have left trying to get help. We have tried to find someone to go over the xigncode logs and they refuse. I sincerely, truly, appreciate that you've taken the time to write this article and try to get a comment from Kakao. But please know that they did not unabn all innocent players affected. It seems like xigncode is wrongfully flagging programs ( as it is very well known, and well documented to do ) and there are even people reporting on the forums this morning that their game closed and when they relaunched it, it's now saying they are banned. They have implemented some kind of automated process and it is failing the player base.

Original story

Pearl Abyss and the Black Desert Online EU/NA team are under fire for issues in the recently-added Shadow Arena battle royale mode. According to players, there are a number of hacks present in Shadow Arena, a fact backed up by action taken by devs that led to a large number of accounts being banned. Players assert that well-known hackers are making trial accounts in order to cheat and are being paid for their effort by those looking for high win counts and in-game currency.

Further complicating the issue is a large number of accounts being falsely banned, a fact admitted by Pearl Abyss in this forum post.

This announcement is regarding the recent banwave that took place during the maintenance on March 27th, 2019. After the banwave was implemented, we found that some players have been wrongfully banned. The bans on the affected accounts have now been overturned. We would like to offer our deepest apologies for making a critical mistake on our part. We are taking this issue very seriously and are committed to taking measures to prevent such a mistake in the future. We will also reassess our ban process and procedures to ensure it will not happen again.

While devs are promising a stronger GM presence, players allege that staff doesn't seem interested in, or are unable to, ensure that hacks are removed in Shadow Arena. Others believe that some banned accounts are already back, particularly those being played by "well-known hackers". 

The BDO forums feature a number of threads about the problems with Shadow Arena, though some players are accusing community representatives of removing threads about legal action resulting from false bans.

We've reached out to Kakao Games for comment. We'll keep you posted!

Thanks to our two anonymous tipsters!


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