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UPDATE: Slay a Demon, Tweet It for a Chance at a Beta Key

Suzie Ford Posted:
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UPDATE: Head to the World of Warcraft community site to get the times and locations (and hashtags) for the demon type in question to get a chance at a beta key.

The Burning Legion is heading our way and to help thin the number of demons already in the lands of Azeroth, we’ve teamed up with various community members to set a bounty on their heads.

We’ve gathered some of our finest generals from the community to lead the onslaught. You’ll want to follow them closely and be ready to jump into the fray to take on the demon they issue a bounty on. Once the demon is targeted, you’ll be asked to head into Azeroth, Outland, or Draenor, to screenshot any demon of that specific type (dead or alive), and tweet it using the associated hashtag.

Your efforts could result in netting you a key to the Legion beta test and joining the thousands who have already been testing the upcoming expansion.

The World of Warcraft Twitter account came out with a teaser image that is teasing some sort of announcement or event to begin at 8:00 am Pacific today. The image simply says 'Demon Bounties' with the text, "Tomorrow we're banding together to fight back the demonic presence of the Burning Legion; stay tuned."

When asked by a Twitter user if this meant the pre-patch for Legion would be launched, the response was, "No, we'd definitely be giving a big heads up and not a tease if that was the case. ;)". Blizzard generally announces expansion pre-patches two to three weeks ahead of time to allow the current PvP season to wrap up. Speculation is that the pre-patch and events leading up to Legion could begin as early as July 19th, however, it  is more likely that this particular event  is a 'gimmick' for a beta key give away event.

We'll keep you posted a bit later today about the details of this particular tease!



Suzie Ford

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