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Update Release Date Announced

Jon Wood Posted:
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The makers of Neocron 2 have announced a date for the release of Neocron Evolution 2.1. This free upgrade package will become available on December 01, 2005.

Neocron Evolution 2.1 Release Date

Neocron Evolution 2.1 is a free upgrade package for the action-oriented cyberpunk MMORPG Neocron 2. It updates many of the models used in the game, including the complete vegetation of the game world and many weapons. Several features of the graphics engine have also been updated for better performance and improved visuals. In addition, new content will be added in form of quests and a new dungeon to explore. The free Neocron Evolution 2.1 upgrade will be released on December 01, 2005. It will be available as a (large) patch, but a new client containing all patches and the upgrade can also be downloaded from the Neocron 2 website.

Neocron is the world's only MMORPG that immerses you into a dense FPS-like combat/action cyberpunk atmosphere. Become a citizen of one of the last mega cities on the postapocalyptic Earth of the 28th century. Live exciting adventures with thousands of other players or just lead a normal life in this virtual world.

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Jon Wood