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Update / Rant from Shogun

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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Shogun has posted an update on Tides of Lyenoa, concluding it with a mini-rant:

I was thinking about closing the site and project, But I’ve been reading some of these MMORPG sites allow people to post there 'home made' games up and people review them. And it seems that Tides of Lyenoa is on some of these sites and people are giving bad comments such as "What is this pile of crap! Why do they bother!!" and "Leave it to the professional’s n00bs!!" and all these comments got me angry and decided not to close the project.

Tenacity is an admirable quality, and hopefully Shogun's frustration is not fueled by comments on this site.  Regardless, we feel that the more MMOGs out there, the better, whether they be big budget efforts or small projects such as Tides.

A tip of the hat to Shogun and all of the small developers out there.  The staff of MMORPG.com is behind you all the way!


Reed Hubbard