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UPDATE: Project Gorgon's Beta Concludes, New Update Oultined

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Project Gorgon’s beta has concluded with the team providing some information on an update which brings with it some changes and fixes.

News of the beta’s conclusion was announced on Twitter earlier with the team stating,

“Beta has ended, and the "real" game channel now has the performance improvements. Thank you to the beta testers! Here are the other update notes: forum.projectgorgon.com/showthread.php

[UPDATE] Silvonis from the Project: Gorgon reached out clarifying the tweet,

"Project: Gorgon hasnt left beta but, rather, we had a separate secondary beta client that was running on an updated version of Unity that we closed as we pushed the update live. That was the beta that we were referring to with that specific tweet."

The new update provides some changes to settings. For example, the team notes they’re utilizing a new version of the Unity engine due to performance and compatibility with various hardware configurations. The team actually wiped all the game’s settings so you’ll have to reset them on your end. To that end, the team provides some information on several important files,

  • The filename of the game's settings file has changed. It used to be GorgonConfig.txt. For new versions of the game, it's GorgonSettings.txt.
  • Previously, the game's log was saved to a file named output_log.txt on Windows. That file is now Player.log. This is the log that we usually request when debugging.
  • In Windows, both of these files can be found at: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Elder Game\Project Gorgon

Additional changes arrive for UI, a tweak to combat XP, monsters, mantids, fixes to treasure, and some miscellaneous changes. You can check out the full notes on the update here.


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