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UPDATE: Project Athia Announced From Square Enix, Coming to PS5 and PC

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Update: Despite the trailer below saying, "Designed for PlayStation 5," we have confirmation in a press release that Project Athia is indeed also coming to PC,

"PROJECT ATHIA is being developed simultaneously for PS5 and PC. This title is not yet rated by the ESRB. To learn more about PROJECT ATHIA, visit: https://project-athia.square-enix-games.com/en-us/"

Earlier today during the PlayStation 5 "The Future of Gaming" event, Square Enix anounced its next title coming from the team at Luminous Productions. Named Project Athia,  not much is actually known about this title, other than it stars a female protagonist and was "designed exclusively for [PS5]."

Again, not much is really known, other than it seems you'll control an as of yet-unnamed female protagonist in a world with magical abilities and creatures, including what looks like a dragon with a bad bout of indigestion. The short trailer states that the experience by Luminous Productions was "designed exclusively for PlayStation." Whether that means it'll be a PS5 exclusive or not, though remains to be seen.


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