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UPDATE: Police Operation Taking Place At Ubisoft Montreal Headquarters

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Update: Montreal Police have reported that they have not identified a threat and have evacuated the building. 

CBC News is reporting that Police have confirmed the 911 call which caused the police operation was, indeed, a hoax.

Original Story:

Reports have come out from various outlets confirming a police operation is taking place at Ubisoft Montreal's headquarters. Local Montreal news, as well as the Montreal Police have confirmed that officers are on site, but not much more is known exactly what is going on.

Initially reported on social media as a potential hostage situation at the development sutdio, however the police have yet to give details as to exactly what is going on. Social media reports show Montreal police surrounding and cordoning off the building.

Montreal Police have stated that no injuries have been reported, but that they are still validating the information in the area.

Canadian news outlet TVA Nouvelles mentions that there are more than one office housed in that building, so it's unclear as to whether the police operation is specifically due to something happening at the studio. CBC News is reporting this seems to be related to an armed robbery[Update: While police reported this to Radio-Canada'sKim Vermette via CBC News, this is proven to be a hoax based on new information.]

In a now deleted Tweet, Eric Pope, a community manager at Ubisoft, noted that he recognized his team on the roof of the building via helicopter footage and has pointed interested parties to a live feed of what is going on at the scene.

We'll be following this story as it develops and update this report as soon as we know more.

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