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[UPDATE] Original Artist Clarifies Images Not From Any Specific Project

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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[UPDATE 11/27/18] The original artist emailed IGN and clarified that these images were not specifically related to Fable or any project. They were test images. We have amended our article headline in lieu of this latest development. Original story follows.

[ORIGINAL STORY] Concept art for the rumored Fable 4 appear to have leaked.

In a posting on ResetEra, we are privy to some concept art of the supposed game. The art features a vehicle driving by a waterfall, which doesn’t seem very Fable. But other art shots show off that typical fantasy Fable vibe with a village scene.

That second art piece, as one user points out, seems very familiar to a house we first saw in the original Fable. It should be said, Fable 4 has not been confirmed nor announced. It’s just a rumor at this point with Playground Games behind the helm.

Thanks, PCGamesN.


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