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UPDATE: New World Beta Reportedly Bricking RTX 3090 Graphics Cards

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[Update 12:47 PM PDT:] Amazon's New World officially addressed the reports in a post to the New World forums today, stating that they believe the issue is due to driver and framerate limiters. The team detailed steps for users worried about this happening to their GPU to take to effectively ensure that this doesn't brick your GPU as well.

You can check out the full update and steps to take here.

New World's closed beta launched yesterday, seeing almost 200K players descend on Aeternum at the onset. However, for some in the MMOs player base, it hasn't been all rosy, as reports have trickled in via Reddit that RTX 3090 owners, specifically EVGA 3090 users, have seen the MMO brick their GPUs.

The New World beta has seen players deal with issues with their RTX 3090, as users have reported that the MMO has caused their cards to brick, forcing many to initial RMAs and refunds thanks to the high temperatures experienced whilst playing the MMO. It's concerning, not just because of the incredibly expensive GPUs bricking, but that it doesn't seem to do be doing so under any real heavy load, as some users have reported it to occur even in the lobby screen, as reported by WindowsCentral.

While Nvidia and Amazon has yet to publicly comment on the issue, EVGA did release a statement to Windows Central, stating that they are dealing with "specific problems" and that they really haven't confirmed a widespread problem affecting their GPUs. 

Via Windows Central:

"An EVGA representative provided the following comment: "At the moment we are dealing with specific problems, if it is a problem really confirmed we will inform and inform you in our EVGA forums on our website." The linked forums contain instances of users discussing New World EVGA RTX 3090 issues."

While normally there are failsafes put in place in the onboard BIOS of the GPUs themselves, it's a curious case where there might be something here for 3090 owners to watch out for. It should be noted that not every case is an RTX 3090, but it is the higher profile of the GPUs reporting the problems.

New World's beta is trucking along, with players hopping into the long-awaited MMO from Amazon ahead of its August 31st release date. The beta test is currently ongoing through August 2nd, providing plenty of time for players to enjoy the MMO and help iron out those last issues before the full launch later this summer.


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