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UPDATE: New Star Wars Galaxes Remastered Emu Server Launched

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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[UPDATE 12/19/19] It has come to our attention that this project may include stolen content from Tarkin's Revenge as outlined here. This includes potentially stolen assets, artwork, source code, and more. We wanted to outline this and bring this to the attention of our readers. Original article is below.


A new Star Wars Galaxies Remastered EMU server has launched. Here are the details.

Information comes to us via Reddit with the team thanking the community for helping build the Emu server,

“It is Pre-CU but majorly enhanced with many new weapons, hundreds of new items, new schematics, new bunkers, NGE Loot, NGE Armor types, NGE Housing, NGE Vehicles, and a ton of general Quality of Life improvements that we have tweaked and developed over the last few years of the server's existence.”

A large content patch was added which added things like new schematics, items, weapons, vehicles, and armor. If you’re interested in helping out the team, check them out here and you can join their Discord here. Here are some QoL improvements:

  • Running on Publish 10 SWGEMU Base Code
  • 2x XP
  • 10x Crafting XP
  • 3 Missions at a time
  • Mission Terminals allow you to pick a direction / pick a mission level for any missions
  • Characters per account - 3 online.
  • 5th Character granted with Jedi Unlock
  • Noob Buff Terminals
  • Self Buffs (Not as good as Doctor buffs, but better than noob buff terminals)
  • Many of the Vanilla Caves and POIs have been re-worked to have much more difficult / interesting mobs, and enhanced loot drops.
  • Elite level world bosses (Acklays, Krayts, Nightsisters, Chiss, etc) with rare schematics for enhanced weapons
  • Chiss Caves have been added (Thanks to TheTinyPebble!)
  • New Dungeon Dathomir Shadow Collective (credit: Aftermath)
  • New Dungeon Lok Revenant Bunker (credit: Aftermath)
  • New Merchant Vendor in Espa, will sell rare black market schematics, at very high prices.
  • Master Brawler now grants an Area Taunt, +5 Taunt was granted to each master melee class
  • Group Size Limits Raised to 50
  • Mayor Voting Cycles Reduced
  • City Voting Cycle reduced to 1
  • Increase CH Pet storage to 20
  • Increased Vehicle storage to 20
  • new command /findStructures (just type in the command bar) will show the players lot/house detail information (Thanks to TheTinyPebble)
  • Fire/Poison/Disease Resist tapes are functional.
  • Payments can now be made from Bank or Cash.


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