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Update from Gary Gygax

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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There has been a bit of concern in the Lejendary Adventure community regarding Dreams Interactive's website being down.  Gary Gygax himself posted in the thread to assure everyone that the game is moving along fine.  His post follows in its entirety:

No question that the DI team is understaffed and over-worked!

Last week I received a series of new screen shots that were outstanding, and I was informed at that time that I could expect a new alpha test version of the LAO game in two weeks.

Meantime, as Arioch has pointed out, there is a lot fdoing on with the paper LA RPG that is keeping me very busy.

TLG will be publishing a LA Primer boxed set followed by a campaign module to support it this year. They are also working on the dual system (LA and d20) boxed set super module THE HALL OF MANY PANES that will release this year, Christmas being the latest date. Coming later from the Trolls will be hardbound LA game support and core rules books.

They are also continuing with the "Gygaxian Fantasy Worlds" reference series, with the EXTRAORDINARY BOOK OF NAMES releasing late this month, three other mss. being worked on. I am also writing material for them for a large series, ZAGYG'S CASTLE, the initial release a boxed campaign module I have 75% completed--not much time for this sort of post ;)

Also, Hekaforge is hard at work on completing the three books need to finish the LEJENDARY EARTH WORLD SETTING. We are working on the final maps for all three of the pending products now. A number of short modules are also being planned by Hekaforge.

This is by no means a dire situation, something about to go under.



LA fans can breathe a sigh of relief and be assured that the game is still moving forward, as per Mr. Gygax himself.  Follow this link to view the thread containing the above post.


Reed Hubbard