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[UPDATE] Final Fantasy XVI Announced As PlayStation Console Exclusive, Also Coming To PC

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[UPDATE 4:15 PST 9/16/2020] In an update, IGN has reported that Square Enix asked the site to remove all mention of FFXVI on PC from their news story, retracting the announcement. This is after the PlayStation event trailer originally announced the RPG coming to PC in addition to PS5. In a statement to IGN from Square Enix, the company responded to IGN with the following: “We have no further information on if Final Fantasy XVI will be released on platforms other than the PS5.” Any mention of the RPG on PC is no longer there in the official trailer (though it's still visible in the archived livestream). 

Original Story Below

Opening up today's PlayStation showcase, Square Enix showed off the first bits of its next numbered installment in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XVI.

The shockingly long trailer shows off some of what players might expect to see in the upcoming RPG from a basic gameplay perspective (looks like active combat is sticking, but whether it's more like FFXV or FFVII REMAKE is to be seen), as well as some incredibly angry summons. 

You can check out the trailer below from Square Enix's official Twitter announcement if you missed it live. Final Fantasy XVI will be exclusive to PS5 on the console front, but it was noted that the RPG will be coming also to PC (and the footage shown today was also running on a PS5-specced PC according to Sony). 


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