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[UPDATE] Elite: Dangerous Patch Delayed to Monday

Plus some crash, stability, and mining fixes

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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The most recent Elite: Dangerous patch arrives on Wednesday of this week and brings with it some fixes to Fleet Carriers.

Update: This patch has been delayed to Monday, August 3 per Twitter,

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These fixes for fleet carriers include,

  • Fixed an issue which stopped Fighters being restocked from a Fleet Carrier
  • Fixed a number of issues related to Fleet Carrier positioning:
    • Better enforcement of the 16 carrier limit per body
    • Preventing departing Fleet Carriers from taking up one of the 16 slots from the body they've just left
    • Further work to ensure Carriers are positioned away from other nearby body sites, such as other Fleet Carriers

The patch also included some fixes for mining, in addition to introducing crashes and stability fixes. All is not smooth sailing for fleet carriers yet, though, as there are some known issues the team is aware of,

  • When opening the Fleet Carrier naming pop up in the Livery, an additional unwanted character will be added to the start and end of the name. These characters will need to be manually deleted to prevent them being included.


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