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UPDATE: Dauntless Receives Ostigaard Justice Update, Brings Repeater Refresh

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Ostigaard Justice is the newest update for Dauntless and brings a refresh to repeaters to the game.

The update brings a new island to the game called The Blazeworks. You can find powerful behemoths here for you to hunt, in addition to tw new island events and secrets. Additionally, Tempest is the new omincell which will let you take advantage of faster movement and agility.

The star of the show is the Ostian Repeater refresh. As game designer Dan Gibson noted previously,

“We really wanted to design a unique weapon that had a breadth of useful parts that players would want to widely invest in as they level up. Essentially, if you maxed out all of your barrels, grips, and chambers, you’d always have the right and most effective tool for the job.”

The patch also brings new quests such as:

  • Added the Forged in Fury quest. Assist Admiral Zai in creating an official report by uncovering the secrets of The Blazeworks.
  • Added the Opalescence Behemoth Dye Rumour.
  • Added the Lock. Load. Repeaters. quest to Admiral Zai in Ramsgate.
  • Added the The Guns of Ostigaard quest to Admiral Zai in Ramsgate.
  • Added the Sproutslayer quest to Gregario in Ramsgate to explain aethersprouts, the new Hunt Pass gatherable.

You can read the full patch notes here. Previously, the Dauntless team gave us a behind the scenes view into the creation of Thunderdeep Drask. That behemoth arrived alongside patch 1.7.1.

Update 8/27/21 - This story was corrected to reflect the repeaters refresh.


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