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UPDATE: Cancellation Official due to SWTOR's Big Year

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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UPDATE @ 5pm EST: It seems Jeff Hickman has confirmed it for BioWare Austin, Shadow Realms is dead and gone, due to the bigger projects coming down the pipe and a big year for SWTOR specifically. Find the full details at the link beyond.

Sorry for the delayed update! We (Suzie/Bill) were getting our kids from school and getting dinner for the family respectively. 

GameInformer.com is reporting that "multiple sources" are telling them that Bioware's much-hyped Shadow Realms is dead in the water. There are no links to original sources for the rumors nor any word as to whether or not those providing the tips have inside information. What we do know is that little to no information about the darling of last year's Gamescom has come out since that time.

GameInformer.com reached out to confirm the rumors but EA declined to comment.

Read more at the link above. We'll keep you posted as the story develops.


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