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[UPDATE] Astellia Online Reportedly Launching September 27

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Update: Barunson has officially confirmed the release date of Astellia Online as September 27th per a press release sent to MMORPG. From the official Press Release:

Barunson E&A is pleased to announce that Astellia is heading for launch on September 27, 2019! Those who preorder Astellia will be able to participate in a headstart event that begins as early as September 20th. Best not tarry, however, as pre-orders end on September 19th! Players with eligible packages will be able to reserve their character names and pre-download the game client starting September 12th. All these activities pave the way for a successful start to Astellia on launch day!

Players will be able to make female Warrior and Assassin characters as Barunson has tailored the version towards the western audience. There will also be Colosseum modes for solo players, revamped UI, cross class mounts and more.

Original Story below:

Speaking with a German website Mein MMO, Barunson seemingly announced a release date for the upcoming MMO.

In the interview, Barunson told the website that Astellia Online would be releasing in the west on September 27th. The same interview reported that Astellia will not host any beta tests before hand, but that there will be a headstart for those who pre-order the MMO.

A Reddit post also gleaned some information from the German interview with Barunson, pointing out some of the highlights mentioned by the developer.

Some of these changes include a fully customizeable UI, changes to the combat to be "more dynamic" but still traditional. 

We'v reached out to PR for official confirmation, however they have declined to comment on the story. 

You can read the full interview (in German) on Mein MMO

Full Disclosure: Astellia Online is promoted by Team CriticalHit, a games PR company co-founded by former MMORPG Managing Editor Bill Murphy.


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