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UPDATE: Astellia Ending Service in Native South Korea As Of January, Astellia Issues Statement

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, Astellia is ending its service in Korea in January 2020, according to a post from Nexon.

The post (via Reddit) is in Korean, but with some shoddy Google Translate work, we’ve grabbed the following details,

“After careful consideration, I made a tough decision to end the service. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the Masters who have been with me. We will not forget every moment we stayed together and keep it deep in our heart.”

The post continues to explain that the service is set to end on January 16, 2020, with service of the site also closing that day. In our review, we concluded,

Astellia is a tremendous, full-fledged MMO, with large areas to explore, tons of tiny features to fiddle with, auction houses, end-game dungeons, and more than enough to keep any MMO player busy. Despite some of the great features Astellia brings to the table, the Astel collection system, the detailed world, and a fairly balanced combat system, it isn’t enough to break from the sheer monotony, bugs, and lack of character attachment that would bring Astellia from being just another Korean game to being a bright star in a cloudy sky.”

[UPDATE 12/14/19] Community Manager Aethon has issued the following statement on the forums, inviting Korean players to join Western players,

Greetings Astellians,

We wanted to take this opportunity to further embrace our stance on continued open communication with you. Recent news of the closure of the Korean Astellia service has undoubtedly reached our community. The publisher for this region is undergoing a process of restructuring. As a result of this, the Korean service will no longer be operated by them and will be coming to a close early next year. We’d like to take a moment to reassure our community, that the publisher for Korean region and the North American / European regions are independent, and will continue to service Astellia without interruption. Currently, we are considering inviting displaced players from the Korean service to find a new home alongside us in the West. Bringing them aboard would provide players with access to a wealth of Astellia knowledge, increase overall player activity on servers, reduce dungeon queue times, and strengthen the level of competition within Avalon. We understand the significance of this decision, and in lieu of this, we encourage you to share your opinions and ideas with us below. As always, we appreciate your insights and thank you for being such a fantastic community. - The Astellia Team”


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