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Update 7.2 Bringing a New Planet, New Story Content, a PvP Overhaul, and More to Star Wars: The Old Republic

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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BioWare has released details via a live stream today about Star Wars: The Old Republic update 7.2. The update will introduce a brand new planet, new story content (including some Mandalorians), additional focus on several characters, and more.

The new planet is called Ruhnuk, and everyone will get a chance to find out more about this planet and relevance with the new story content, "Showdown on Ruhnuk". This story will involve Heta Koi and her faction of Mandalorians, the Hidden Chain. 

Speaking of Mandalorians, expect the following characters from previously-released content to play roles in the update. These are Torian Cadera, the Bounty Hunter companion, Bask Sunn, Akaavi Spar, and Ri’kan Kateen. With Legacy of the Sith having featured Ri’Kan and his sister, Sa’har, her brother’s appearance here provides some additional continuity.

The planet will also get its own daily area, with a new reputation track, Mandalorian Trat’ade, which will get you rewards and a shot at two Legacy titles in the Mando’a language. Some of those rewards will be the Wetlands Mudhorn mount, new plants, vehicle decos, and more. For daily missions, you’ll get to pick between different mission types, which include planetary achievements or a new weekly world boss. There are also new Mando Relic missions for buffs you can use on Ruhnuk.

The team is also looking into some important changes to PVP in order to increase participation and quality of matches. In essence, they want PVP to have incentives to actually take part.  PVP will have two queues, 4v4 or 8v8, and  ranked and unranked modes won't be distinct. There will be a new PVP reward track to further incentivize players and every PVP action you take will get you PVP points. Subscribers will earn points at a faster rate but there will be no more restrictions on how many matches free players can take on. To support this, there’s also a new 4v4 PVP map called Onderon Palatial Ruins.

7.2 will also include some quality-of-life updates and UI changes, including the much-requested colorblind mode, as well as a customizable utility bar, and updated tooltips. There is also some new gear coming, as well as cosmetics to purchase, including armor inspired by the Book of Boba Fett TV series.

Expect PTR testing to begin soon. For more, head to Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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