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Update 7.1 Coming Tomorrow for Star Wars: The Old Republic With New Story, R-4 Operation, and Much More

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Star Wars the Old Republic will get Update 7.1, Digging Deeper during tomorrow's maintenance. BioWare has added the full patch notes for the update, detailing just what will be changing. 

This follows the livestream last week where the developers went into what to expect from the new update and first up, there's a new story update where we learn more about Darth Malgus’ plans, find artifacts that tell why he’s fascinated with Darth Nul, and find out the fate of Jedi Padawan Sa’har Kateen.

The R-4 Anomaly Operation arrives in the update, where you can take on four bosses, members of a Sith Cult that want to use ancient tech for their own dangerous plans. This will also let you battle up to a potential new item rating of 340. If you take down the four bosses with strategic maneuvers, that could be yours.

Speaking of item ratings, this update adds up to 330 through other means and you can reach it by completing things like Flashpoints, Legacy Operations, and Conquests.

The update also opens the Manaan daily area, where you'll be able to take new story quests and daily quests, and get started on a new reputation track that could see you and your faction influence the area through accomplishments. Each faction is represented and has a chance to hold sway over the new area.

There are a number of other changes including combat balance, new Tactical items, combat style changes, and a series of bug fixes and cleanup. Mods return to endgame itemization too, at item rating 328.

Since launching Legacy of the Sith in February, SWTOR has made some adjustments to its series of overhauls introduced back in 7.0, and 7.1 is also quite a sizable update.

 You can read the full notes over at Star Wars: the Old Republic.


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