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Update 1.142 Details

Keith Cross Posted:
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The folks at Navy Field have released details about their next patch which will include new community functions, a Christmas event which grants 30% more experience, and more.

eFusion MMOG GmbH has announced today the update notice of version 1.142, adding a number of new community functions to improve the in game communication. The new functions provide amongst others own channels for clans, private channels and a full messaging system also usable over the website.

Navyfield Europe will also present a Christmas Event this year. From December 18th until 31st, players will gain 30% more experience and the sailor enhancement will become easier by a 50% higher chance for getting veterans.

The NavyField European League starts this week. The two best clans of the League will participate in the NavyField Cup in April 2009 to fight against the top clans from the other NavyField Leagues from all over the world.

Furthermore eFusion MMOG mentioned big updates with New Submarines and New Nations of NavyField will be added at early of next year. They also mentioned that a new Korean MMOG game will be started as well.

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Keith Cross