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Upcoming Time Travelling RPG, The Waylanders, Shares Companions

9 unique companions

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Time Travelling RPG, The Waylanders, is headed to Steam Early Access in 2020.

The team shared information on the list of companions in a press release earlier including Amergin, Berath, Delba, Heraklios, Khaldun, Mal, Rea, Brigg, and Traste. Each bring their own unique character to the game allowing you romance and travel with.

For example, Amergin is Master Druid of the court of King Ith. He is gifted at magic, and is known through the court for his charm and sharp wit. Amergin is regarded as a magical and political authority by other humans, but due to his youth, immortals rarely take him seriously.

Alternatively, Delba is described as the youngest daughter of the Fomorian king. Her mother disappeared on the surface when she was a child, and she’s been obsessed with exploring the human world since. Delba’s vision is that the Fomorians will be able to show the humans that they’re not monsters, and will one day find a happier life on the surface in coexistence. 

Traste, on the other hand, is a goblin. The press release has fun with Traste,

“Trasté is from Aunes, a coastal city. Many trasnos there. Many fun jokes and much music!! Youngest of the trasnos, but who knows what that means in your years. Trasnos do not care about time. Time is fake, probably. Unless they’re waiting for a person to… hehe… come across one of their pranks!! Trasté different too, from other trasnos. Usually trasnos do not care for people problems. Unless people problems are from pranks done by trasno. Trasté care very hard. Trasté wish Trasté was a people. You changed from one thing into another thing. Maybe you can make Trasté a people?? Worth a try!!!”


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