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Upcoming EverQuest 2 Patch Focuses on Familiars

Out on June 23

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The upcoming patch for EverQuest 2 is all about familiars.

The patch is set to deploy on June 23 and brings about Familiar Season 7, and Familiar revamps. For example, the system driving Familiars has gone through an overhaul. This was done to reduce data storage per character. The team notes this shouldn’t be noticeable during play.

Some other changes include the event and promo Familiars now stating they aren’t able to be consumed for experience. This has been added to their descriptions for clarity. Additionally, it looks like Familiars won’t cancel themselves during leveling.

Also touched on were expert dungeons, the Blood of Luclin Summer Ethereals, Rise of Kunark opening in Kaladim, and more. For example, every Blood of Luclin heroic dungeon will include an expert difficulty. This naturally results in greater rewards should you tackle the dungeon at this higher difficulty. Additionally, completing dailies and weeklies will yield more rewards when completed for expert dungeons.

You can learn all about the upcoming patch here.


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