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Upcoming Elite Dangerous Stream Will Discuss 2022 Roadmap, and Console Account Transfers

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When it comes to Elite Dangerous, to call this past year one of change would be an understatement. After last year’s release of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, was not well received, Frontier spent much time on fixes before deciding this year to cease development on consoles and go PC-only to focus on one codebase to upgrade and work on. This week, there has been a community event, and an announcement that the next Frameshift Live stream has been postponed to next week. One of the topics listed for that stream is related to the switch: console account transfers.

While we do have to wait until the rescheduled stream on May 4th at 1600 BST/11am Eastern/8am Pacific, The topic of console account transfers is an important offering, has the potential to bring over a number of players who would have otherwise simply been left behind by the switch. Some players reacted to the announcement noting that they already had decided to start over on PC, but this could be an open door that helps the community grow a bit more now that it’s single platform.

The next Frameshift Live had a slightly bumpy road before the rescheduled date was announced. Originally, a post was made on the game’s social media accounts with the news that the stream was not happening this week and they'd update when they resume, leaving things a bit up in the air. eThis seemed to surprise some players that have been hopeful about the state of the game and where things are going.

However, worries were ended when the new date was announced the next day.

Also among the topics expected in this new stream is Frontier’s plans and direction for Elite Dangerous in 2022. A new roadmap should help the community gauge where things are going. Getting console players on board into the community of the live and updated version of the game could also be an important win.

Read the announcement ppost over at Elite Dangerous.


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