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Upcoming Bless Unleashed Update Introduces New Costume Fusion Feature

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new costume fusion feature is hitting Bless Unleashed as part of the next update. Read on for details.

The fusion system was outlined by the team which allows you to fuse a main costume card in addition to an ingredient costume card. What happens if your fusion fails? Well, your main costume is still preserved so you can continually upgrade that core costume.

“If a fusion attempt is not successful, players will receive a fusion ticket. It is a fusion material that can be used as a material costume for your next fusion attempt. If the costume card is Epic grade or above, the fusion ticket will be of the same grade. When fusing with a fusion ticket of the same grade as the costume cards, the fusion has a guaranteed (100%) success chance though the amount of tickets required may differ per grade.”

Keep in mind, if you do decide to fuse, the main costume card and ingredient costume card must be of the same grade or parts. Additionally, shield costume can’t be used in fusion. Upgrading a costume will be functionally similar to enhancing your equipment.

Several fusion conditions were outlined as follows:

  • Same grade costumes example:
    • Rare + Rare
    • Epic + Epic
    • Legend + Legend
  • Same parts costumes example:
    • One-handed sword + one-handed sword
    • Headpiece + headpiece 

When you receive a rare appearance costume from Fusion, you’ll get a high chance to also receive an epic costume card but with a lower chance of getting a legendary costume card. Learn more about costume fusing here. And if you missed it, check out our coverage of the upcoming Awakened content for Bless Unleashed.


Poorna Shankar