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Upcoming ARPG No Rest For the Wicked to Stream Showcase on March 1st

Twitch Drops will be available for those who tune in

Victoria Rose Posted:
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No Rest For The Wicked, a new ARPG from Moon Studios and Private Division, has announced the “Wicked Inside” to showcase gameplay and more tomorrow on Twitch. Announced via trailer during The Game Awards this past November, this is the latest contender in the ARPG genre, which has seen heavy hitters such as Diablo 4 and Last Epoch released in this past year. 

During this stream, it seems we’ll be getting a far bigger look at the gameplay. The game promises “brutal, precision-based combat” and “new and inventive mechanics that aim to push the genre forward.”

Gameplay shown so far through the trailer and other sources seems less inspired by common ARPGs, and more so from the heavy-hitting styles of Dark Souls and Monster Hunter. With the studio being behind the stunning Ori platformer series as well, it’s visually got the creatures and settings to match. 

Those who are excited to dig in will be rewarded for paying attention, as the team’s enabled Twitch Drop for those who tune in while logged in. There’ll be four drops to earn in total: a "Dance" Gesture Emote, 2 Fallen Embers (granting entry into the “Cerim Crucible”), a Weapon Shard, and an Armor Shard.

The showcase starts at 9:00 a.m. PT on the studio’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.


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