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UO Going F2P So Why Look for Old School When You Can Return to the Original?

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Why bother looking for a game that brings back fond memories of more "hardcore" MMO days when you know that Ultima Online, the game that many feel is the standard for what today's MMOs should be, is going free to play? Broadsword has announced that Publish 99 will bring the F2P "Endless Journey" to Ultima Online, though there are some restrictions in place. Rest assured that there is still a subscription option available with no restrictions.

Preliminary Endless Journey restrictions have been added to TC1.  Use the gates at the Britain Commons to toggle EJ restrictions on and off.  Restrictions must be reactivated each time a character logs in.  All restrictions are in active development and subject to change.

You can check out the comparison chart for subscription and Endless Journey options by visiting the Ultima Online site.

Thanks for the tip, Etlar!


Suzie Ford

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