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Unlimited Character Slots

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Everquest II playerws will have the opportunity to create as many characters as they wish...for a price. Beginning October 5th, players will be able to purchase extra character slots in the Station Marketplace. There is no limit to the number of slots one can buy and the purchase is permanent.

Here's a couple quick facts to answer obvious questions:
  1. Slots are pemanent. You pay for them once and they stay on your account forever.
  2. You can purchase any number of character slots. There is no limit. You want 20, 30 or even a bajillion character slots? Go for it.

Regarding Station Access subscriptions:

  1. Character slots sold are *in addition to* any slots you are getting by being an SA subscriber. (Example: If you had 12 slots available as an SC subscriber and you purchase two more slots in the marketplace, you'll now have 14 slots available.)
  2. If you cancel your SA subscription, and then buy slots to replace the slots you were getting, your characters *will* still be present in those purchased slots (they won't get deleted during the swapover).

Character slots will be available in the in-game marketplace for 1000 SC each.

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Suzie Ford

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