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Unleash the Power of the Dragons When Awakening Drakania Comes to Black Desert Online on July 27th

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Black Desert Online will get an update this week that brings the Drakania Awakening early access period to a close before the final release, along with Start of a brand new season next week on July 27th.

Drakania Awakening lets you play the Drakania in a new way. In a preview video called “Destruction Takes Flight”, you get a taste of what her power is going to look like when the awakening, also referred to as “the dragon’s wings unfurl” in the trailer, arrives. This week the test on the server and Early Access will close, July 27th will bring the full release. 

Awakening Drakania will use a weapon called a Trion, an exclusive weapon formed with two spears made from dragon tongues. She can use it in two distinct ways, Hexeblood and Dragonblood, and can switch between them. Hexeblood is her otherwise human form and she’ll use her two spears. While Dragonblood is, well, combat based on dragon form. When she is in Dragonblood form, the trion in her left hand will look like a dragon's horn and its huge size will let her crush enemies or use it defensively. 

According to the team, “Our combat direction for Awakening Drakania was developed around her wielding two spears. We chose this type of weapon as we felt that it would be the best match for her concept and story, giving Adventurer’s feeling of wielding a “dragon’s might.”

The two influences show in her skills. These include the Aerial Burst, which is an AOE attack to nearby enemies, followed by a stab with her trions,  Tectonic Slam, done in Dragonblood form, combines both spears and knocks back enemies in front of her. Sundering Roar is a Dragonblood move that lets you channel the wind of the dragons in to your left spear and it will come out looking like a charging dragon head, spewing destructive dragon fire.

You can preview Awakening Drakania over at Black Desert Online.


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