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Unity Lays Off 265 Workers As It Terminates Partnership With Weta FX

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Unity has reportedly shed more jobs, as the company has laid off 265 workers today as part of a "company reset." The move also terminates the partnership that Unity had been in with Weta FX, though crucially, Unity retains its ownership of the Weta Digital tools it purchased back in 2021.

The layoffs, first reported by Reuters, will affect 3.8% of Unity's total workforce and comes as the company closes its Weta Digital division. This isn't the first time in 2023 that Unity is laying off staffers, as the company laid off 8% of its workforce back in May. 

The move also comes as Unity decided to end its agreement with Peter Jackson's Weta FX, the offshoot of the original Weta that was splintered off following the 1.6 billion dollar acquisition of Weta Digital by Unity in 2021. Weta FX, for their part, are looking to rehire as many of the laid off Weta Digital staffers as possible, per a statement to FX Guide.

While Unity is shedding workers as they relate to their Weta Digital portfolio, the company will retain the rights to the tools and technology they purchased from Weta.

Reuters also reports that Unity will be shutting down offices in 14 locations around the globe, including Berlin and Singapore, and will "significantly reduce its office footprint" in hubs such as Bellevue, Washington and San Francisco, California.

This hasn't been a good year for Unity, as it has already laid off staffers as well as dealt with a revolt by Unity developers following a revamp of its runtime fees. As a result of the pushback, CEO John Riccitello retired, and the company changed course to calm the storm it had created at its feet.


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