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Unick Launches UnIQUE Wooden Keyboard, Woo-dy, on Kickstarter

Christopher Coke Posted:
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The Woo-dy is an interesting keyboard whose main claim to fame is that it features a real wood bottom shell. It will be available in your choice of walnut or cherry. It marries this with distinctly retro spherical keycaps that hew very close to SA profile, which was common on terminals and typewriters in years past. It’s minimalist, the 67-key form factor small yet full-featured, and the combination of wood and spherical keycap is very eye-catching.

It also features hot-swappable switches. This allows you to swap out switches on the fly and completely change the feel of your keyboard. This was one of our favorite features on the Input Club Kira, our favorite keyboard of 2018, because it opened up the door to brand new switch options you just can’t find in pre-made boards.

The Woo-dy is also fully programmable with per-key backlighting and macro support via software. To software featured on the Kickstarter page looks very similar to that of the GK64 we also reviewed last year, so it should offer easy programming for all of your game and productivity shortcuts. For lighting, the images Unick has used show quite a few presets and the ability to set your own.

It also offers your choice of wired (USB-C) or Bluetooth connectivity with up to three devices. There’s no word on which Bluetooth version they’ve implemented or the battery solution, but we hope to have those answers soon.

MMORPG.com will be reviewing the Unick Woo-dy next month and will have the full rundown of details, pros, and cons then. Until then, head over to the Kickstarter page to find out more.


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