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Undocumented Changes in 7.3.5 See Vastly Increased Health Pools in Old Raids

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For those of you who have enjoyed running old raids for World of Warcraft transmog items, your time investment will be increasing greatly as all health pools have increased by about 300% in patch 7.3.5. While raids from Vanilla through Cataclysm are still easily soloed, Pandaria and Warlords raid content on some difficulty levels is not. The increased health pools have made fight mechanics kick in that most times render soloing impossible. 

In addition, scaling throughout WoW has been implemented with mob health pools increased "considerably", according to WoWhead. "The experience required for levels 10-60 has been increased, with a peak of 60% increase between level 20 and level 40".

One player wrote:

Well they've done it. Couldnt possibly think it was possible but it was done. Watched a friend played few hours ago (yes, im at work) and he did run a bunch of old dungeons / raids for me so that I can experience the GREAT changes of 7.3.5.

Its aweful, its unbelievable, its just plain wrong.

Why would you want to bring back OLD CONTENT, PAST STORIES to current tasks to do, once max level? Why and whats the point to keep what's been dealt with YEARS, yes YEARS ago to current high-end game? Explain yourself Blizzard, do it.

What is the point of being max level in this game anymore? Since we cant f*cking solo or work on personal chill task, once in a while? How do we solo farm mounts now? How do we hunt rare transmogs from Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor now? I dont know anyone being interested to group up once again and mass farm old stuff from the game. Its useless and its a waste of time.

There's a reason why we call it OLD CONTENT, because we already did it and there is no point to keep it ''viable for challenge''. Old content, dungeons and raids are there for only one reason and its all about COLLECTIONS, nothing else.

Explain us the reasoning behind that fiasco.

Other undocumented changes in 7.3.5:

  • Cold Weather Flying (Lich King) and Wisdom of the Four Winds (Pandaria) requirements are removed
  • Command Boards offer story-based quests that lead to Loremaster achievements when all completed
  • new toys, pets and collectibles in Silithus
  • increased reputation gains for Argussian Reach and Army of the Light for completing weekly quests
  • killing Elite rares on Argus yields Argussian Reach or Army of the Light reputation
  • profession world quests yield Army of the Light or Argussian Reach reputation
  • Druid Lunarwing form has a /sit emote
  • new models for Baine Bloodhoof, Nathanos Blightcaller, Saurfang, Gallywix
  • heirlooms have been severely nerfed

Silithus quests will not unlock for characters until Argus the Unmaker has been killed, though this should be easier now since the final wing of LFR that includes Argus is now live. Once he has been killed, the planet of Argus will not be seen in the skies over Azeroth and the quests in Silithus will unlock. This will need to be done per character and is not an account-wide unlock.

For those of you who don't mind spoilers, here are the cinematics for both Horde & Alliance that introduce Silithus:


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