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Underworld Ascendant - Improvisation Engine Explained

Suzie Ford Posted:
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The Underworld Ascendant team has released a brand new video to show off the Improvisation Engine that is being used in the game. With this engine mechanic in place, players are given the ultimate choice to interact with the world in a truly meaningful way.

For instance, burning a bridge to escape a marauding pack of spiders may save a character's life but the consequence of that action may be to find a new way to ford a river or will choke off a vital supply line for a nearby town.

Warren Spector and the rest of the team discuss why this is a vital inclusion in Underworld Ascendant, currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is currently 76% funded with two and a half weeks to go.

Find out more about Underworld Ascendant.


Suzie Ford

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