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Undermountain is the Largest Expansion Ever for Neverwinter

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have announced that Undermountain is the next expansion coming to Neverwinter. The "largest expansion ever" will be arriving for PC players this Spring and at a later date for consoles. Players will be heading off to an massive dungeon beneath Waterdeep and content will include a level cap increase, five new Adventure Zones, the Yawning Portal Tavern social hub, a new endgame dungeon, and much more.

An unknown force beckons the people of the Forgotten Realms to the halls of Undermountain with visions of their deepest desires. Through a magical portal hidden along the Sword Coast, adventurers must seek a truth far more sinister. Renowned Waterdeep taproom, the Yawning Portal, acts as a hub for players looking to delve deeper into the hallowed halls shaped by Halaster Blackcloak’s twisted mind. Team up with Durnan - proprietor of the Yawning Portal - Celeste, as well as uneasy allies to uncover the wicked machinations at work below Mount Waterdeep.

Improvements coming with Undermountain include:

  • five adventure zones "spanning several levels of Undermountain"
  • level cap increase to 80
  • improved level-scaling throughout the game
  • class ability and balance overhauls
  • new encounter rewards
  • Lair of the Mad Mage dungeon
  • Expeditions System to "explore the ever-changing caverns of Undermountain"

Undermountain will launch on the Mimic preview server in March where players will be able to preview content.

You can read several developer blogs on the official site:

Check out the video below and then head to the Neverwinter site to learn more.


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