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Uncharted Waters Origin Will Launch Globally on March 7th

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Uncharted Waters: Origin will launch globally on March 7th. This new online sandbox RPG will serve to reimagine and reboot the original Uncharted Waters series, including Uncharted Waters Online. That title originally launched back in 2005 before wider release in 2010.

Called a “seafaring sandbox RPG”, once again you’ll be able to set sail, explore, and determine your role and playstyle. There’s a new cinematic trailer showing off some of the premise of this new release. As shown in the trailer, the game is set in 1522 and many nations across Europe are competing to get out and explore, discover new continents and resources, establish ports, cities,and more, as a way to gain influence and control. 

You’ll get to pick the kind of character you play, As the two characters featured in the trailer take on different journeys. One, Catalina, decides to become a pirate. The other, João, is inspired by family. Like the original games in the series, this one is also historically inspired. Other characters have their own bios, motivations, and starting points. 

As a sandbox, you'll have freedom to decide where you go, trade, combat, and other aspects of your journeys.

This new incarnation is launching now to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the series. Uncharted Waters: Origin is based on the series’ concept as a whole, but on two specific titles: Uncharted Waters II: New Horizons and Uncharted Waters: Gaiden. New Horizons is the most popular title in the series, so it would make sense to use it to guide a kind of reboot like this.

Originally launched in South Korea last year, Uncharted Waters: Origin will be out in English, Japanese, and Chinese when it releases next week.  Pre-registration is open now on supported platforms. You'll be able to play on PC, Steam Deck, as well as iOS and Android.

For more details, head to Uncharted Waters: Origin.


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