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'Unchained Chaos' is Blade & Soul's Next Major Update, Coming Next Week

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Blade & Soul will be getting its next major update next week. The next chapter, Unchained Chaos, brings the third Gunslinger specialization, a new dungeon, a new Dropscotch challenge, and the ability to change your class for the first time ever.

Unchained Chaos will be out on March 16th, with additional feature previews coming daily up until release. The centerpiece of the update will, for many, be the new Gunslinger specialization, Way of the Arsenal. This will add some flexibility since this will let Gunslingers switch around their options to fit the moment. You’ll be able to use short to distance abilities and techniques, adjust your movement, and other options to give you some extra options.

For those who aren’t playing Gunslingers, and for those who love a challenge, there’s a new dungeon to discover. Chaos Supply Chain is the new dungeon added to Demonsbane, and lets you work to stop Poharan at the Blackram Supply Chain. You’ll have to find out exactly what’s going on, working to stop her and whatever else arises. If you succeed, you’ll earn yourself some brand new rewards and begin to earn gold for all Demonsbane rankings. 

Blade & Soul. is also going to let you change your class for the first time. If you feel that playing your class has gotten stagnant, you’ll have the chance to change things up. More details on this option will be coming. 

Of course, there are other challenges in the update too. 

Dropscotch is a daunting new temptation of a challenge, with 12 players on one side of a bridge and a bunch of sweet loot on the other. Only if you’re able to cross a treacherous series of suspended glass tiles located across emptiness. If you somehow manage to cross those 14 tiles, expect cosmetic items and other rewards.

You can read the Unchained Chaos announcement over here at Blade & Soul.


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