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Ultima Online New Legacy To Bring Heraldry Banners, Surnames To MMO

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Ultima Online: New Legacy is still in the works, but the team behind UO is eager to share some of the new features to be seen in the new shard for new players. In a newsletter sent out by the MMOs studio, Broadsword, the team has shed some light on some new features to further customize your character in the 23-year old MMO.

Last month we saw the team highlight a new weather seasons that will come with Ultima Online New Legacy, this month is a bit more personal. The team is adding the ability to choose an unique family surname in the new shard, as well as showcase this via  customizeable Heraldry Banners.

"One of the core features of Ultima Online: New Legacy is our brand new legacy system!  This system consists of several in-game items that will help forge your new Britannian Legacy!  Players will be able to select a unique family surname to identify their characters for generations to come!  One of the ways to showcase your family surname will be with Heraldry Banners.  Heraldry Banners come with a number of customizable options including shape, color, and sigil!"

Many MMOs allow for you to create surnames for your characters, like Black Desert and The Lord of the Rings Online. It'll be interesting to see if this system is purely cosmetic or part of a grander system as it alludes to, hopefully we'll learn more as the team continues to showcase what is coming with New Legacy


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