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UK Distribution and New Screens

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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Through a press release on the Saga of Ryzom homepage, Nevrax has announced that UbiSoft will handle distribution of Ryzom throughout the United Kingdom and across online portals.

MC2 has announced it has agreed a distribution deal with Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, for its highly anticipated online role-playing PC game, The Saga of Ryzom , with Ubisoft using its retail expertise to promote the Nevrax-developed game.

A sprawling, skill-based role-playing title, The Saga of Ryzom has already amassed a phenomenal 165,000 subscribers since the title was announced earlier this year, and is due for worldwide release on September 13 th . As part of its responsibilities, Ubisoft will oversee the distribution of the game to key high street UK retailers, the vital independent sector, and across online portals. A wealth of POS materials will also be made available to help promote this exciting title.

David Cohen Corval, CEO of Nevrax commented "Ubisoft brings tremendous experience to our distribution. We couldn't be happier. The Saga of Ryzom is already being hailed as a masterpiece of the role-playing genre. Pledging allegiance to one of the game's four civilisations, the player enters a sprawling game world wherein they interact with other players on a series of quests that unfold as the game progresses. The player can tailor every aspect of their character to create a truly individual hero or heroine, before visiting the desert, forest, lakes and jungle sections of the 3D world.

Prioritising the abilities on offer, players can also determine the path they take in the game. Foraging skills will prove essential in a mission and will make the player a useful ally, while a creative skill will also reap rewards and show off The Saga of Ryzom 's total non-linearity. More conventional role-playing fans will also enjoy the more traditional options and combat and magic abilities can also be selected as a career path. With its massive game world benefiting from night and day cycles, a user-friendly tutorial mode and options to crave a niche career within the game that will appeal to other plays, The Saga of Ryzom is set to wow its online audience.

There have also been some new screenshots uploaded to the website which concern the 2 factions ruling Atys.  Check them out at the screenshots section of the official site for The Saga of Ryzom.


Reed Hubbard