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Ubisoft's XDefiant Monetization Philosophy Says No to 'Pay-to-Win Mechanics'

Casey Bell Posted:
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Ubisoft has revealed its monetization plans for the upcoming free-to-play arcade shooter, XDefiant. A new blog update published recently details the studio’s philosophy focusing on three pillars: no pay-to-win, rewarding players’ time, and prioritizing customization.

On the pay-to-win front, Ubisoft wanted to be clear with the community that the studio will not employ “pay-to-win mechanics” with XDefiant. All content impacting gameplay that is available for purchase will also be available to unlock via challenges.

One example given was the DedSec faction available during the game’s preseason. This faction is available for purchase or can be unlocked through an in-game challenge requiring 700K experience. I’m not sure this is as reassuring as Ubisoft thinks it is, since the impact on the non-paying player here all depends on how much grind is involved in unlocking these sorts of features.

When it comes to rewarding players’ time, XDefiant players will always be making progress towards unlocking content through its Battle Pass or challenges. Whether players win or lose, the goal is to keep players moving forward towards unlocking new content.

Lastly, the studio highlighted a number of cosmetics the game will offer, which include the usual suspects of skins for characters, weapons, player cards, emojis, and player animations for MVPs.

XDefiant launches May 21 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.



Casey Bell