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Ubisoft Will Give Stadia Customers Free PC Copies of Their Games, Additional Cloud Support

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Ubisoft has now revealed how the company plans to support  those players affected by the shutdown of Google Stadia next month. After Google announced its plans, Ubisoft did indicate that there would be some way for players to continue enjoying their game libraries, but now they’ve released details.

According to their announcement, Ubisoft will support those who bought games through Stadia and those that want to continue using cloud gaming services. Games that also feature cross progression through Ubisoft Connect, like Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Riders Republic will also support picking up from where you left off once the transition is complete. 

Those who own eligible titles on Stadia will get the PC versions for free, added to their library via Ubisoft Connect. However, there are a couple of  things to be aware of and do before Google shuts down the Stadia service. One, any currency you have in these games won't transfer over, so you'll have to spend it before January 18th. If you spend that in games that do have cross-progression, those items you buy now will transfer over. Another thing to be aware of is that some games won't be able to transfer over, like Just Dance. It does seem that they are trying to make disruption minimal.

If you subscribe to the Ubisoft+ Multi-Access service via Stadia, you'll get a free month via Ubisoft. Those in the US can continue to stream their games through Amazon Luna.  International customers will get a discount on subscribing to  Ubisoft+ Multi-Access. There's also another option, as the company announced that all Ubisoft customers on Stadia, whether they own games or have subscriptions, will get a code for a free month of GeForce NOW Priority membership, that will allow you to stream your games across devices.

For more details, read the announcement at Ubisoft.


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