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Ubisoft Talks 'The Living World' in The Division 2

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The Division 2 is already out in head start for those who preordered the game and it will be out for everyone on March 15th. In the latest developer blog, Ubisoft developers talk about the living world. "Our goal for the sequel was to create experiences for you as the player that would not only surprise you, but also keep you coming back for more," the blog begins. Setting the stage, devs talk about what has happened in Washington while agents were in New York "cleaning up the streets".

To keep the game fresh for players and to keep them coming back, the game features Control Points, strategic locations in the hands of factions where resources are collected for the use of members. Factions will actively work to keep these points supplied and will send out forays to collect what is necessary -- but also providing opportunity "for other factions to eliminate convoys" and take the collected items.

With Control Points scattered throughout the map, plenty of movement and activity is generated for you as the player. Should you intervene in friendly faction affairs, you may find yourself training recruits or gathering supply drops near Control Points. If the point is hostile, you will be tasked with rescuing hostages or removing enemy threats from the area. Should you choose not to intervene, you can witness civilians and enemies clashing as they travel in and out of Control Points to perform these activities themselves.

During the story campaign, players will have access to a variety of assault teams that, when signaled, will come to the Agent to try to take a control point.

Players will also find Bounties available, an iteration of "High Value Targets" from the first game. Bounties increase in difficulty and these targets have access to tougher troops and more devastating weapons.

Projects send players off on a variety of activities including challenging missions or even something as simple as "emoting with other players". Doing so yields rewards like "blueprints, mods, crafting materials, experience and bounties".

Lastly, there is the end game that challenges players with an entirely new faction called the Black Tusk. This group features its own set of open world activities and challenge players to brand new operations including "Warhound Convoy, Settlement Blockade and Aerial Surveillance".

Read the full details on The Division 2 site.


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