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Ubisoft Sets the Stage For Skull and Bones With New Gameplay and World Context Trailers

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This past weekend’s Ubisoft Forward event also brought some new looks at November’s Skull and Bones. There’s a new, action-packed gameplay trailer, as well as a background video about the context of the setting it takes place in, setting the stage for the potential rise of pirate legends.

After some time without word, Skull and Bones is on track for its November 8th launch, with a series of recent devblogs to prepare for what’s coming, and the Ubisoft Forward presence. The new gameplay trailer does indeed focus on the action, with what’s possible once you get yourself a ship and begin your adventures, make discoveries, and even get into combat situations.

On the other hand, the world context trailer sets the stage for just what you’ll be getting into, before you can take part in all that action and plunder. From the battle over the world’s valuable trade routes came openings for new markets, new ways to get people hooked on goods from afar, and determined pirates intent to take advantage.

This context trailer shows the roots of the secret pirate empires, the dangers that will always be in the world, and also the potential that exists. Potential isn't limited to trade routes or riches, but is also the way of life that they can keep in the name of maintaining those valuable resources.

Ubisoft debuted these two new trailers together at the Forward streaming event as a way to introduce those who might have not been following the game to what's at stake and what awaits in terms of the gameplay and adventure. You don't have to be a ruthless pirate who plunders everything in sight, but you could be if you have the training, the luck, and the persistence to pursue it.

For more on the game, head over to Skull and Bones.


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