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Ubisoft Looking Into Division 2 Crashes After Recent Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It sounds like The Division 2 players are experiencing hard crashes after a recent update, and Ubisoft is aware of the problem.

The crash issue is chronicled on this thread in the official forums. Some players experienced multiple crashes with one posting,

“Prior to this patch, I would crash maybe 2 times maximum and it would not happen every time I logged in. After the first or second crash game would be fine for multi-hour sessions. Today I went home for lunch and logged in to do some inventory maintenance. Crashed 8 times in succession and in less than 2 minutes after login.”

Other players noted that switching to DX12 and setting HDR to HDR10 instead of Auto seemed to solve the crashing. However, many people don’t have an HDR-capable display so this may not resolve the issue for most.

Ubisoft chimed in yesterday afternoon,

“Hey, The team is still looking into the cause of the crashes, as some players have reported them still happening after the latest update. We still recommend sending your Dxdiag report to our Support Team to aid in the investigation. Thank you, I understand it's very frustrating but I can assure it's still being looked into.”

As of this writing, it doesn’t appear that a fix has been published. If you’ve hopped back into Division 2 after its recent announcement of more content in 2021, you might want to steer clear for at least a little while longer while Ubisoft works on the problem.


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